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UX design, UI design

About IQnext

IQnext is an innovative solution dedicated to transforming building management. The centralized platform redefines how organizations manage buildings by disrupting the traditional siloed systems with a cloud solution for connected buildings. By using an integrated data-driven approach, IQnext aims to optimize building efficiency and leverage technology to embrace sustainability.

The Challenge

Designing the complex interface for managing hundreds of devices in a simple way was a key challenge we faced with the project. Another aspect we brainstormed was regarding energy management, such as showcasing energy consumption trends and real-time energy usage data efficiently to minimize wastage and support decision making. We focused our efforts on leveraging design to improve operational efficiency effortlessly.

The Solution

We designed a comprehensive dashboard enriched with graphical representation of information and data. A real-time floor map view was designed to make device operations dynamic and contextual. Further, rule-based device operations setting was devised to make device control across buildings effortless. To streamline energy consumption, we created energy vs occupancy maps, easy-to-read energy reports, and occupancy reports.

With an efficient design for the IQnext web application, we provided a holistic view of buildings simplifying central management. Our design leveraged data-driven decision making, contributing to optimization of building efficiency.

They had a very positive approach, especially during the stages where they had to learn and understand our product, user persona and the pain points that was being experienced at that point in time.

Vishal Jain

Co-founder, IQnext