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About IUDX

IUDX is a platform developed by the Smart Cities Mission and implemented by the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. It is a data exchange platform for sharing and accessing datasets associated with different Indian cities and urban governance. The goal of IUDX is to facilitate intelligent use of data to handle urban challenges and accelerate development in the urban sector.

The Challenge

IUDX being an information rich platform containing hundreds of data resources, our main challenge was to bring clarity to the data presentation. Associated with it was the second challenge of simplifying the navigation through the complex data. Optimizing the portal designs for two types of users – data users and data providers – to help them accomplish their goals intuitively was our key design consideration.

The Solution

In the website design, we created the main home page with clear categorization of dataset domains and cities. For each city, a city home page with relevant datasets was prepared and the navigation between pages was simplified. The portal design uses a dashboard design with graphical representation to ease the analysis of different KPIs. Moreover, we optimized the various listing views and simplified the user flows.

Home page screens of IUDX website
Home screen left navigation menu of IUDX web platform
Data cards of IUDX web platform
Dashboard home screen of IUDX web platform

We extended ample support to IUDX for realizing their vision of simplified smart city data exchange in India. We developed responsive designs for the website and portal to help users access the platform on any device of their choice.

Responsive screen of IUDX City page
Responsive screens of IUDX web platform
Green corridor for emergency vehicle
Style guide of IUDX
Survey List
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Great collaboration, learning from each other, and Aufait's flexibility to work with the customer and passion to create the best made all the difference.

Suresh Kumar K K

Head, India Urban Data Exchange & Data Spaces