Wire and Switch






Design, Development

About Wire and Switch

Wire and Switch is an established name in the electrical equipment industry, with over 50000 stores and distributors across India. They offer a wide range of products from global brands and provide a seamless shopping experience combining online and physical channels. With an aim to deliver the best of electrical brands to every vertical, they connect buyers, sellers, contractors and architects on a single platform.

The Challenge

A design that supports a seamless omnichannel shopping experience to users – this was a key requirement of the client and an interesting challenge for us. Another aspect we brainstormed was on how to create a familiar shopping experience to users. While it was important to map a shopping path similar to standard ecommerce sites, we also wanted to incorporate the latest UX trends without compromising on familiarity.

The Solution

To create a website design that reflects the physical store image, we devised a theme that compliments Wire and Switch’s logo style. The theme was translated across website elements, from colour palette to icons and illustrations. We conducted research to identify the expectations of online shoppers and trends in the eCommerce field to chart a shopping experience that would increase the conversion rate.

Our thoughtfully designed website helped Wire and Switch to grow as a one-stop shop for all things electrical. The well-designed website enabled them to grow their customer base and improve the sales.